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Why Does She Ignore Everyone She Sees In The Hallway?

by Madison Freeman

my only friends are lizards.

how my social life came to be this way;
all i know is that i stand alone in a crowded hallway,
and suddenly my feet start walking to the door.
fresh air surrounds me and i
find myself between two sets of stairs.

i can see everything atop my secluded fortress.
Mother Mary watches over me and ensures me i won’t be found.
my scaly friends soon surround me.

sometimes i play music for them, sometimes i sing.
i named the one with a beastly blue chin Sappho.
i don’t think that the lizards care that i’m slowly naming them.

how terrifying it must be to be a small scaly thing;
people step on you, shun you, even turn away.
i suppose i relate more to them than people.


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