The Millennial Workplace

by Macey Lillard

         You’re bound to have a job

Taxing, exhausting, harrowing 

“The new me.”


         Minimum wage for the millennial,

Disgruntled to her core 

Not enough to live by,



         But not for her performance.

Adequate, awkward, shabby

“a bullshit job.”


        It’s meaningless

Additional tasks to “prove her value”,

A cruel act of sabotage 

A perfect villain for the LinkedIn age


        A person can feel grateful for

Obvious, miserable, nerve frying

Waste of life,

Waste of money.


        Another waking nightmare 

Explicitly political

The archetypal millennial gets screwed by the system


        Money woes are abstract

Pausing to make a furious calculation

Buy another,

And wonders if she’ll ever make her debt.