The Girl Who Walked Away from Omelas

by Maddy Freeman

The brine on my lips decided to burn today 

It knows that I’m in pain so out of kindness it distracts me 

With salt in cut / knife in chest attitude


At first blinking was a courtesy and then it became unnecessary 

So I just stare at you; 

my eyes once fiery and assertive now tremble and crack under the 

Pressure of spoons 

                                                             which spoon my eyes out of their sockets 

                                             empty, empty holes 

                           dark pits never ending nevermore will light shine 

                           and dirt 

                           only dirt. 

                           worms ate my fire. and they belched it. and they made freckles that 

                           dust my nose. 

So that Sun Damage 

                                     damaged eyes don’t cry because the tears can’t be stored

But those dark pits hold a myriad of water history


So black tar streaks down my face and into my mouth just to repeat the cycle 

Of rot and decay and birth and rot and decay and birth and and rot and decay

And then she stops.


                     she walks away. 



                            ... Her? The one with dark pit Eyes? 


       does she even care



about herself anymore