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by Anya Millard

you sit in my chest like an ugly rock attempting to jump out

in droplets that water my need for you

burn my skin and light me up

calm me down and make me long for you

A school girl’s lover

Just you

i hate what you remind of as you draw away and i spend all my time wishing you’d come back

you make me nostalgic for something that will always return and never come back

The same way

as i grow older i know your brilliance will


your beauty will remain as a disgusting, beautiful feeling i will slowly forget

it’s march and i can’t wait for you

it’s june and i love you more than ever

it’s august and i’m clinging to you with every breath and cursing you with every other

it’s january and all i want is to see you again

bicycles, popsicles, condensation dripping down a plastic cup of too sweet iced coffee, tearing off a sweater, lying on the rocks, over saturated blue and too-red-to-be-real love

Go away

leave me be

stop tearing my heart to shreds and my youth to pieces

And come back

keep repairing my heart and revitalizing my ever-dying youth

i miss you and i hate nothing and absolutely everything about you

you make me Glow

and you make me Cry

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