New Sharon Olds

by Sarah Hanks

The fish melted on my tongue

Like butter in a hot saucepan

I smiled, relishing the taste

‘MMMH’ I groaned in delight

A warmth spread through my body,

Just like how it spread when I got

A notification for your texts on my phone

Excitement at what you’d written flowed in me, 

like anticipation for the next bite 

How could this be so good?

How could I love you so much?

Disbelieving my own capacity to love one thing

That was the best meal I’d ever had 

And you were the best person I’d ever had

But things tend to age poorly,

Just like how now the thought of you, and of eating fish, 

Makes me scrunch up my nose in disgust 

I guess I did love this dish once, 

just like I loved you. 

But times and interests change

And things I once adored,

Mean so little to me now