Just Let Me Pass On In Peace!

by 2056

     It’s been three months. Three months since he woke up as a teenager once again. It wasn’t even his own body that he returned to! It was a-whole-nother person’s body that he now inhabits. His old decrepit body from his past life has probably gone to Heaven and is now happily frolicking upon Its Gardens. 
     Emmett Blake, as he was known in his past life, is still absolutely perplexed as to how he arrived in this situation. When he first woke up, mind and body rejuvenated, he thought he had gone to heaven, but alas! He is still trapped in this woeful world, confined by the shackles of mortality. 
     To understand the full story, it's easier to start from the beginning. Or well, the end of Emmett's life, to be more specific. Emmet was a 77 years old drying raisin, all wrinkled up, on his deathbed, awaiting the afterlife… Scratch that, he was genuinely excited to be dead. Good God was he tired of living, he had lived such a boring life: a complete cycle of eat, shit, sleep, work, over and over again. The only thing that kept him living until natural death was a promise he made to someone who had already passed on a few decades ago. 
     Mn, I wonder if I’ll ever see him again in my next life…
     Ah, his eyelids feel so heavy. But he was so excited he was practically vibrating. A funny image now that you think about it. A vibrating raisin. 
     Once his eyelids finally dropped to a close, a feeling of peacefulness and emptiness enveloped his body. Is he floating? Is he swimming? Is he undergoing spaghettification? It didn't matter, all he cares about is that so-called light at the end of the tunnel. Opening his eyes, he saw it, that light. But before long, the feeling of peacefulness ended and his throat suddenly constricted painfully around nothing. 
     He was… drowning? 
     Trying to breathe in simply made his throat tighten and his nose burn.
     … Is this water?
     The feeling grew more painful as time passed. 
     Does time even run normally here?
     Has it been seconds? minutes? hours? years?
     Fuck, he sees that light growing further and further away, blurring as he feels his consciousness fades out once again. 
     Damn it, I can't even die normally? CURSE YOU, GODS

     An unknown time had passed and Emmett abruptly opened his eyes to see a hospital ceiling. Lifting his hands to shield his eyes from the blaring lights revealed a smooth and pale hand. Free of the wrinkles and freckles that made him a raisin just a few moments ago. He blinked. He sat up to make sure that the light wasn’t playing tricks on him, and felt his own smooth hands.
     What… What the hell is this?!
     He stood up so quickly to find a mirror, ignoring the shocked gasps and cries he hears in the background. He went into the bathroom, and to the sink where he saw himself.
     No, not himself. This isn't him. He is 60 years too old to look like this. Though he had a black hair and dark brown eyes in his youth, that isn't what he sees in the reflection of himself. No, what he sees is a teenager around seventeen years of age, with brown hair and green eyes with a mole below and to the left of his mouth. 
     Utterly bewildered he peeked out of the bathroom only to meet the eyes of two women and a man. The older of the two women cried out, “Aidan, dear! Goodness! What are you doing!? You shouldn’t be up and running like that when you’re still so frail!”
     She ran over to him clutching his face, patting down his cheeks, neck, shoulders, seemingly to make sure that he was fine. 
     A younger-sounding voice spoke, “Leave the kid alone, ma. The doctor said that the idiot will be confused once he wakes up. He’ll be fine or whatever,” annoyed, the younger woman stood up, “Well! While this has been a touching reunion and what not, it’s time for me to leave. Got a date to go on~ Toodle-loo!” With a swipe of her hair and a wriggle on her fingers, she strutted out the hospital room with a flourish in her steps.
     Emmet’s eyes twitched at the sight of the woman who just left the hospital room. He was about to retort something obscene to her before the hands on his cheeks grounded him once more. “My my, don’t mind your sister’s actions. She’s never cared about her surroundings, that one,” the older woman, presumably Aidan’s… mother, huffed. “I’m just glad you’re back here with us.” 
     Emmett looked at her, awkwardly smiling since he really does not know this person nor anyone else that was in the room. His eyes traveled to the man, that he is guessing is Aidan’s father. He looked strict. From the way he was standing, his clothes, the shining Rolax on his wrist, and the gray stripe of hair, his father has the aura that exudes power and commands respect from those around him. His cold eyes were disapprovingly looking at the way Aidan’s mother was holding Emmett. Though he was still confused at his predicament, Emmett had lived long enough to understand what the look Aidan’s father was sending his way. It couldn’t even be called a look anymore, it was more of a glare. A “get away from my wife” glare. And Emmett hurriedly walked back towards the hospital bed, fully intending to lie down and sleep once again. 
     Maybe I will actually die this time. No more of this nonsense.
     However, dreams often do not turn to reality as Aidan’s father shouted at him, voice as loud as a whip’s crack. “AIDAN FLETCHER. GET THE HELL UP, YOU WORTHLESS BOY. AND CALL A DOCTOR IN HERE!” 
Christ, could you be any louder? Does this kid have daddy issues or something?
     His head hurt. A moment later, a small doctor scurried in the hospital room. He checked Emme- well, Aidan’s body for any unusual things worth noting. The Doctor was asking him questions and Emmett was answering them to the best he could. But Emmett was unfortunately a plain buffoon who is currently very confused since he answered each and every question as if the questions were directed to Emmett, not Aidan. 
     Where was he born? In Mesa. 
     What year is it? The 4th year in the cycle of Veilios. 
     Where is he now? … A hospital. 
     What city? Emmett had to look out the window for that one. But alas, all he could see were bricks of another building. Unsure of the answer himself, he shrugged. 
     As he answered each question from the doctor, the faces of those in the room grew more and more concerned and baffled. Once the Doctor had finished his diagnosis, he stuttered out, “W-well… it-it seems that Aidan here has a uhm- A rare case of uhh… amne..s.ia…,” He shoved his glasses back up and continued, “His brain is working perfectly fine but he- uh, he doesn’t remember his past memories and these had instead been replaced by other new memories. Whose memories I can’t tell you because well- you heard him yourselves, ‘the 4th year in the cycle of Veilios’... whatever that means.” He had muttered that last part to himself but Emmett could still hear him.
     Throughout this all Emmett’s brain was running 160 miles per hour trying to take in the fact that he’s in another person’s body, a teenager at that. A teenager with an estranged family. Ah, can’t forget the fact that he’s in a different world now. He groaned inwardly. 
     I really just wanted to pass on peacefully, what’s so wrong with that?
Now that he’s here, he just needs to wait … sixty years until the expiration of Aidan.
     No way in hell is he going to do that. No way is he going to wait sixty more damn years just to reach the end of this life cycle. Hypothetically, he can… no, no. He made a promise a lifetime ago, he can’t break it now. Not unless he still remembers the promise. Emmett racked his brain for any potential solutions to escape from his current predicament. Why did he wake up in the hospital, who is Aidan, why did Aidan’s father seem uncaring of what his son went through, what landed Aidan in the hospital? As he mulled through questions after another, one thing became clear to him: he had to find out what happened to Aidan and what was it that reincarnated him in Aidan’s body as well as the reason why.