My Child is Nature 

by Piper Schebert

I can feel green grass 
between fingers
Ever so swaying
From right to left 
trying to taste the wind
They have never tried before 
And I have watched them breath with the breeze
And cling to my knees
their color fading and yet staying 
Pleading me not to leave

Seeing the wrinkles in my old oaks reminds me
They were the first ones to set seed here
Keeps one thinking
What have they seen the last hundred years
And wondering if they still prefer to live
I question what have they been through
Some like to rip up cementes, in a bleak blue manner
I can also feel their sorrow
And their tears, oh their sappy tears of forgiveness
Begging me to be with them
To never let go
They told me so
From long ago 

My garden talks to me sometimes,
In a whisper 
she trusts me
I have been her mother all along,
Caring for her through harsh and dry 
When her dreams are just too big for one to take on
She wonders If she can see the sea 
once before she blooms again for she has longed to go
Her cousins stories have captured her mind
He has seen the sea of scenes
Now she has been sea driven her whole entire life
And tells me we have to go

My Pine needles on the ground
Maybe they are trying to say something
Tell me what's wrong what have I missed 
Tell me, tell me
Oh pine needles what have I missed
Mother they say we have left the tree
And have started on our own way 
Some prefer to say 
What elegance shall lie ahead of us upon this path
Urging me to let them go and to remain their own 
But they have always had their sense of wrath
One says I fall with the wind and it's tiresome journey ahead
Speak up my child
Talk to me 
He utters out these words
Although I speak wisdom,
I also come with threat,
For long cold years I have been arguing with the wind 
And for that I must say I have been punished
For the rest of my days
Oh my baby I do not blame you but my own flesh 
Do not disregard but refresh
Your sins have been passed on from my own kind
And over to yours

Nature cries as if to say they have feelings too 
Not just wisdom but fear 
Like us humans refuse to hear
But I am the mother here
Taking care of my children for years
And those humans who seek to interfere
Should Have suffered for their intentions and just disappear
They Know it and have fallen from it in clear veer
Their cries will be distant in my ears for I have seen my younglings tears ciest to ever disappear
And all knowingness always knows what is always clear
Bewear for what approaches you is near
It has with it greater drive to preserve
I give this threat to you to protect my loving dears
Yet I hope you will always regret and know you have never endeared
My seeds are all I have so I shall always volunteer an ear and hold no fear  
I have chosen over you 
You better decide soon
For your future remains unclear.