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Hostile Architecture

by April Younglove

Hostile Architecture
extends into the air itself
They play the music you love to hate
They know how to draw you in or push you away
They make you Walking Paths
and study your gaze
But one day you awake
to find the space they gave
and the space you take
are not the same – you’ve been Blanket Trained
you made your whole self so small
you cannot go unless you are told to go
You always rise when you are willing and able
You always sit when you may be seated
You even ask to be excused, but permission never comes
(it never will)
You have to go where you are not welcome
Break down barriers -- break yourself
You are already broken
You ate the pomegranate and it tasted good – you know
You knew
Your personality is big, go ahead
Unfold and unfold -- the box is opened
You can unfurl and blossom
Let your whole life explode outward from this point
A million newborn stars that shine
An entire galaxy of unseen light

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