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by Ella Kitt

Things I Enjoy


Night in Laurel Canyon

I can see your breath.

The city lights are our stars

In the dark. We hug.



The barbecue smoke,

family swinging around,

Nana made chicken.



In the deep red chair

I watch the silver screen dance,

mom’s coat on my legs.



The house to myself,

I put on “Piece of my Heart”

and jump on my bed.





The delicious crunch

of the cold leaves under my

boot. Autumn up north!


LA Winter

Finally the rain

came. I watch the clouds lunge through

my smoggy city.



The world is alive

again. Our white roses pop

open and say hi.


Summer in Catalina

Ice cream trails dripping

off waffle cones. Bare golden

bodies in the sand.




Study Session

My eyes ache in their

skull sockets. The water boils.

Earl Grey aroma.


Speech & Debate

Waking up at four

my intestines feel inside

out. I hate my suit.


Almost Time

Dark circles chiseled

in my thin skin. I want to

go home. Five minutes.


Hot Lunch

My retainer pops

out. Gums bleed. The beans are warm

and mushy. No taste.



We walk the concrete

steps together. Your loud laugh

lifts my leaden feet.



Curled spine, back aches; my

legs feel static. Nausea makes

me twist in my seat.

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