Do Aliens Wear Hats?

by Sophia Ospina 

     A truly basic analysis at best, the art conveys the struggle that frogs face trying to live in the city.
After all, we don’t even know if aliens wear hats. If the aliens were to show us into their world,
possibly we could create such hats. Through these fabricated head protectors all war will be
terminated as a result because the rooster does indeed mate with the hen. “but, what if they do
not desire hats” No. You misunderstand. It was never about hats. It’s always been about the frogs
you see. Because we don’t even really know what fuels stars. It could be frogs. This proves the
fact that if frogs have issues with chocolate then aliens do, indeed, wear hats. So from this, we
can deduce that the aliens have learned of hats through our desire to consume fried chicken. This,
in turn, leads me to believe they have an alternative motive, they seek to rid us of our grass and
turn mushrooms into leopards. Now, believe me, I am as worried as anyone, but this issue can be
tackled but it requires the use of extreme force, the force of which will come from a shark with a
laser attached to its head. This will be effective because, with a shark’s amazingly immense size,
swift biting motion, and cat-like reflexes, the aliens will be truly dumbfounded with our military
prowess and majesty. “what if the sharks turn on us?” Don’t be ridiculous. Through using an
advanced hobos shoe we can manipulate the entire gene sequence of the shark which will
obviously, force it to comply with our ever order. But the aliens could see through the sharks and
find out about the frogs possibly finding a way to devour a tiger. This could lead to disaster.
Tigers are endangered and that would be really bad for no reason. So if we were to teach the
tigers and the frogs that eating grass would benefit their immune systems, a peace deal could be
reached with the toads. The final issue of this ordeal is that toads do not indeed, like roads. With
this crucial evidence, we have accumulated the true answer to the question after much

consideration about the movie Nacho Libre’s effects on the crusades of the 1500s we have
deduced that Aliens, do AND do not wear hats, depending on the weather.